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Relax your body and mind

Every client of the Reitenberger Resort can use the relaxation counter-current pool and other parts of the wellness centre free of charge. Discover the Kneipp treading pool for improving blood circulation and our whirlpool, where your body and mind will receive thorough relaxation. The sauna will also contribute to perfect relaxation – you can choose from Finnish, steam, aroma or infrared.


Being in water is an integral part of any spa stay

We offer our clients a pool with counter-current measuring 8 x 6 metres for moments of active relaxation. You can relax under a spout of water, which relieves a sore back, relaxes your shoulders and your tired mind. After a swim, you can get your blood circulation going in the Kneipp treading pool or relax in the hot tub.

Outside of the free admission times, the pool is used for gymnastics. You can exercise in the water under the supervision of our experienced physiotherapist.

Kneipp’s treading pool

Warm – cold – warm – cold – water improves blood circulation and your metabolism

Whether you came to Reitenberger Spa Medical to recover after surgery or you want to keep your musculoskeletal system in great condition, you should definitely try the Kneipp treading pool. This procedure is suitable for everyone – it effectively improves blood circulation in the legs, supports your metabolism and has beneficial effects on the body’s blood circulation overall.

During a short walk through the individual pools, you will cover the entire area of your feet and legs and at the same time you will pleasantly relax the areas thanks to the massaging pebbles paving the bottom of the pools. Your feet will be gently massaged and effectively activated.

Finnish sauna

It relaxes your minds and strengthens your immunity

The Finnish sauna is well-being on earth. It has a positive effect on the psyche, the condition of your ski, your respiratory tract and immunity. The royal sauna treatments in our Finnish sauna heals, relaxes muscle tension, strengthens the immune system, and detoxifies the body. It also helps with weight loss.

In the Finnish sauna, you will easily restore all your strength and recharge your energy. Frequent Finnish sauna use brings great relaxation.

Steam sauna

Take a deep breath

The air humidity in a steam sauna is almost 100% with a pleasant temperature of around 45 degrees Celsius. Such an environment has beneficial effects on your airways and muscles. Because the steam sauna does not reach as high a temperature as other saunas, practically anyone can handle it – from children to seniors. The steam sauna will improve circulation in your muscles, aiding their regeneration. Steam saunas are known to provide the highest grade of relaxation. Their temperature is not such a shock to the body, so it can calm and relax it quickly.

During the sauna stay, the pores of your skin begin to open and cleanse themselves of excess substances and pollutants. The process of cleansing is accompanied by increased sweating – enjoy it, everything bad goes away.

Aroma sauna

It has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system

We recommend the aroma sauna to clients who need to relieve stressed hips, joints, and the lower back. We see the greatest strength of this procedure in the combination of the aroma sauna with the Finnish sauna, so we recommend combining visits to both. In addition to the beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system, it also has a positive effect on the respiratory tract, skin, and hair. At the same time, the aroma sauna relieves mental fatigue, so you will feel alert and in good spirits throughout the procedure.

Aromatic essences permeate the entire sauna and have a positive effect on the respiratory system, but also on your psyche. Thanks to the aromatic substances, the relaxing effect of the sauna is significantly strengthened and with various essences it is possible to focus on the treatment of specific respiratory diseases.

Infrared sauna

Regeneration, warming up and strengthening of the body

Although the sauna cycle lasts just 5 to 20 minutes, it provides deep relaxation and total relaxation. The infrared sauna very effectively warms up muscles and tendons, purposefully improves immunity and speeds up regeneration. If you want to give your body and mind a rest, head to the infrared sauna.

Healing infrared rays penetrate your tissues throughout the duration of your sauna stay, effectively cleansing the skin, supporting the immune system, and improving blood circulation. It also has a beneficial effect on the body detoxification. In the infrared sauna, you will forget about your problems, rid yourself of fatigue and headaches.

Salt cave

Experts say one procedure in a salt cave make up for 2 to 3 days spent at the seaside

The specific microclimate in the salt cave is remarkably similar to that of the seacoast. In the salt cave, you inhale microelements containing minerals and trace elements that are essential for the activity of the human body. During one treatment, you inhale as many of as you would during a 2 to 3 day stay by the sea. The salt cave at Reitenberger Spa Medical contains salt from the Dead Sea in Israel and from salt mines in Pakistan. Staying in a salt cave helps with respiratory diseases (improves asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema), thyroid insufficiency, heart and circulatory system diseases, high blood pressure (psoriasis, chronic skin inflammation and allergies) and nervous system disorders (depression, stress, anxiety, and fatigue).

Immerse yourself in the experience of the whole treatment thanks to relaxing music and changing lighting that add to your relaxation. The treatment takes approximately 45 minutes and is also suitable for children and seniors. Bring comfortable clothes to the salt cave, in which you will relax well. The whole space maintains a pleasant temperature, so there is no need to dress warmly. A blanket is provided for you on each bed.


An intense workout under the supervision of a physiotherapist

Reitenberger Spa Medical hosts clients with a regular exercise regime, which is why we have built a modern fitness centre for all exercise enthusiasts. You can work out on machines, with dumbbells or in the cardio zone.

You can go to the fitness centre for your morning or afternoon workout by yourself, or under the supervision of our physiotherapist. An experienced expert will oversee the correct execution of individual exercises, offer inspiration for further exercises, and guide you through the entire training session.


Care of doctors, physiotherapists, and top specialists


Let your body and mind relax


Beautiful, relaxed, and healthy skin