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Beautiful, relaxed, and healthy skin

Your holiday should above all be about relaxation and enjoying your free time, which is why we have prepared a number of cosmetic treatments for you, which will pleasantly refresh and beautify your body. In addition to classic cosmetic skin care, you can treat yourself to a pleasant manicure and pedicure.


Health, beauty, self-confidence

During your spa stay, we take care not only of the relaxation of your muscles and joints, but also of your facial area. Entrust the care of your skin and its overall appearance to our professional beautician. We use products from the Czech cosmetic brand Rehavit for our skin treatments. Our favourite treatment is general cosmetic care – this treatment consists of a massage, peeling, eyebrow shaping, hair removal and a mask application.

In addition to all the listed cosmetic treatments, we will be happy to reshape and colour your eyebrows, massage your face, décolleté and neck.


Taking your every step with ease

Relax your tired feet and give them the professional care of our pedicurist. Pedicure has a significant effect on the health of the feet, which is why we also do it at the Reitenberger resort. The water bath and massage will do your feet good and after the treatment, they will feel as light as a feather.

You can enjoy a partial pedicure, which includes a water bath, nail and foot treatment and thorough application of a moisturiser for hydration. The full pedicure begins with a water bath, continues with the treatment of the nails and feet, followed by a peeling or wrap. The treatment ends with a massage and hydration of the feet using a quality cream. As part of the pedicure, we will gently remove dead and hardened skin.


Manicured, beautiful hands

Manicure will not only beautify your hands but will also be a preventative treatment for keeping them healthy. It starts with a pleasant water bath, then the beautician adjusts the length of the nails and the nail bed. A treatment oil is applied, followed by a nourishing cream.