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In the care of doctors, physiotherapists, and top specialists

Reitenberger Spa Medical services focus primarily on quality and professionally conducted physiotherapy and effective device therapy. Under medical or physiotherapeutic supervision, we use a wide range of modern devices and traditional techniques


In our resort, we offer individual and group exercises under the guidance of experienced physiotherapists. Basic types of exercises help to improve the body’s functional state, during individual physiotherapy, we can focus on problematic areas


If you want to get closer to rehabilitation process in Reitenberger Spa Medical:
Reflexology massage
Athletic taping
Individual physiotherapy


Improves the functional condition of the body with ease

The group health exercises in the resort pool are a pleasant opportunity to gently stretch and given your options, get your heart pumping. Exercise is designed as a therapy for total relaxation, not as a demanding training routine.

We recommend exercising in the pool especially to clients with more pronounced musculoskeletal disorders, for whom classic exercise is difficult or impossible.


Body surface massage treats the organs inside

Reflexology massage works mainly on the level of the nerves. The body’s organs and tissues are supplied with nerve fibres that are interconnected. Changes in organs can thus cause changes in the surface of the body or in muscles. During a reflex massage, the therapist then tries to remove the reflex changes in the tissues. The relationships between individual parts of the body, organs and tissues are extensive and complex, so reflexology has a wide range of uses.

We recommend it as a treatment method for functional, degenerative, and chronic rheumatic diseases of the spine and joints. It will also help with post-traumatic conditions, circulatory disorders, and functional diseases of the intestinal organs.

Reflexology massage causes effects in the massage site itself – it improves blood circulation, increases the temperature of the site being treated and affects muscle tension. However, such effects can also be produced in more remote parts of the body. Reflexology massage, unlike classic massage, is performed dry and the therapist’s touch is very slow.


Returns everything to its right place

Gentle treatment of the vertebrae, joints and back using the Dorn technique ensures their return to their original position. The physiotherapist gently manually pushes the vertebrae and joints into place – the method is performed by free and natural movement of the client and light pressure of the physiotherapist’s thumbs or hand. There are no sharp movements.

After returning the joints and vertebrae to their original position, the client will feel immediate relief and all their disturbed energy pathways will be cleared immediately. The Dorn technique relieves the body not only of physical blockages, but also of mental problems and the very causes of the disease.


Improves blood and lymphatic circulation

Athletic taping normalises muscle tension using coloured tapes that adhere to the skin. The tapes are similar to a patch and their application is not painful. They are mainly used to strengthen and improve the function of the blood and lymphatic circulation. At the same time, they support the healing of tissues under the tape. The technique of athletic taping is used in sports, regeneration, and rehabilitation.

We recommend it to our clients for pain in the spine, joints, tendons, and muscles, during increased sports performance, scoliosis, poor posture, or osteoarthritis. It also helps with swelling and hematomas or carpal tunnel syndrome. We even apply it after injuries or to prolong the effects of massage.


Stretch and relax your body

Group exercise under the supervision of an experienced physiotherapist mainly include types of exercises that can effectively improve the functional state of the body of our clients. Although the spa stay mainly includes therapeutic treatments, massages, and relaxation, we recommend taking part in the group exercises and stretching the whole body at least twice during your stay.

During the exercise and in agreement with the therapist, you can focus on problematic or painful areas of your body.


Individual improvement of the client’s functional condition

During individual physiotherapy, the client and therapist focus on problematic areas of his body and use a number of exercises to improve their body’s function. We perform special exercises to strengthen the deep stabilisation system of the spine as well as soft and mobilisation techniques. Reflexology, ball massage, the spiral spine stabilisation system and athletic taping can bring great benefit to our clients.

We individually choose the most suitable method for each client, we use for instance, the Dorn method, the Vojta method (reflex locomotion), exercise on balls and ergotherapy.


Relaxes stiff muscles and painful trigger points

The popular cupping method is based on applying glass or plastic cups to the skin of the back. A vacuum is created in the flask, so it adheres to the skin, draws the skin and subcutaneous tissue into the cup and dilates the vascular and capillary bed, which leads to massive blood circulation.

Cupping provides relief, alleviates pain, and increases metabolism in the treated area. It can effectively relax stiff muscles and painful trigger points in muscles and soft tissues. We recommend it to clients with spine pain, arthrosis of the joints, gynaecological problems, or asthma. It works great for spring and autumn fatigue or for stimulating immunity.


Release of one intervertebral disc after another

A gentle energetic-manual massage of the spine releases physical, mental, and mental blockages. It is a sophisticated technique which regenerates the intervertebral discs. The author of this method – Austrian healer and specialist in natural medicine, Rudolf Breuss, claimed that the discs are not worn, but degenerated, which can be helped by regenerative massage. Cold-pressed olive oil and St. John’s wort are gradually massaged into the skin with massage strokes. Their combination will help swell the discs and release the nerves that come from the spine to the whole body. At the end of the therapy, silk paper and a towel are applied to the back, which allow the St. John’s wort oil to penetrate even deeper into the spine.

We recommend the Breuss massage for sciatica, lower back pain, problems with the intervertebral discs and before or after therapeutic stabilisation of the spine. For clients, this therapy is also suitable for clients experiencing general exhaustion or nervous tension.

Medical services

At Reitenberger Spa Medical, we offer basic medical services to our clients. You can turn to our specialist doctor and nurses with confidence. In addition to medical consultations, we measure blood pressure, apply injections to muscles and diagnose blood oxygenation. You can also be examined by a rehabilitation doctor. Providing prescriptions is a matter of course.

Device therapy

At Reitenberger Spa Medical, we have a wide range of modern rehabilitation devices at our disposal, which we use especially for individual diagnoses and pains. Device therapy always takes place under the professional supervision of a doctor or physiotherapist.
Laser therapy


Immediate release of painful blockages

The popular laser therapy increases metabolism in tissues and cells. It relaxes, regenerates muscles and relieves pain. In addition, the laser non-aggressively affects inflammatory processes.

We recommend laser therapy for reducing pain, muscle diseases, back and joint pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, dermatological problems, rotator cuff tear syndrome, tennis and golfer’s elbow, painful groin, carpal tunnels, Dupuytren’s contracture, acute traumatic injuries muscle pain, tendonitis, post-traumatic conditions, pain and inflammation of the nerves, skin problems and hair loss.


Body detox and release of skeletal muscle tension

The magnetic field increases the permeability of the cell membrane and accelerates metabolism. Thanks to the dilation of blood vessels, the body is oxygenated, and blood flow is promoted, which benefits cell division, facilitates healing processes and reduces swelling. Magnetotherapy has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, detoxifies the body, relieves skeletal muscle tension, and accelerates healing. We also recommend it as a regeneration therapy after sports or injury.

Our clients most often use magnetotherapy for back pain and spinal blockages, arthrosis of the joints, frozen shoulders, tennis elbows, carpal tunnel, headaches and migraines, post-traumatic and post-operative conditions, chronic inflammation, infertility or sexual dysfunction, circulatory disorders and fatigue or stress.


Detoxifies the body and strengthens the immune system

During this treatment, the lymphatic system is stimulated, excreting harmful substances from the body. Lymph flow helps detoxify the body and strengthens the immune system. This type of lymphatic drainage improves metabolism and physical condition, in addition, increases the body’s defences. The procedure is pleasant for overall relaxation.

During lymphatic drainage therapy, pressure waves pass through special sleeves that you put on. The procedure is suitable for the treatment of swelling and burns or for varicose veins.


Mechanical and thermal energy penetrating to a depth of 5 cm

Acoustic waves with supersonic frequency act on the tissues via mechanical and thermal energy. A local increase in temperature occurs at the treatment site and the ultrasound penetrates the tissue to a depth of 5 cm. The therapy is used for soft tissue damage, improves blood circulation, relieves tension, accelerates healing, and alleviates pain.

We recommend ultrasound to clients with chronic inflammatory diseases of the joints and swelling of the joints. It helps with muscle pain, sprains, or stiffness, and also significantly relieves post-traumatic conditions.


Doplňková terapie při léčbě bolestí

Electrotherapy uses the healing effects of direct current and alternating current with different frequencies. Both currents improve blood flow to the tissues, relax and subsequently strengthen the muscles. Electrotherapy relieves pain, improves metabolism, and reduces swelling. We recommend it as an adjunctive therapy in the treatment of pain caused by functional or degenerative disorders.

The method is suitable for clients with common back pain, post-traumatic conditions of the musculoskeletal system, disc herniation, nerve pain, frozen shoulder syndrome, arthrosis of the joints and muscle pain.