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Let your body and mind relax

Relax, calm, and restore your energy. In our resort you will get a full selection of massages and therapies. Relaxation and reconditioning massages, regenerative hydrotherapy, intensive thermotherapy, and inhalation therapy using water from a certified Forest Spring all await you.


Feel the healing power of touch. A quality massage can relieve pain, release all that is stiff and wonderfully relax the whole body. Massages are simply well-being on earth. Treat yourself to them during your stay with us. You can choose massages of various lengths, intensities, classic and reflex, full-body or focused on specific areas.
Reflexology foot massage
Reitenberger massage
Classic massage


Relaxation, release of tension, detoxification

This eighty-minute luxury therapy provides perfect relief. The therapist massages the whole body and face with almond balm from the REHA Cosmetics line. Almond oil and balm have a beneficial effect on the skin – they lightly soften it and effectively regenerate its upper layers.

The massage has a very relaxing effect and deeply relaxes the body and mind. We recommend this premium treatment to clients who like to indulge in something special and want to effectively relax their body and mind.


Blood circulation, muscle relaxation, relief

This exceptional 80-minute Reitenberger massage combines all our treatments and know-how. Thanks to years of physiotherapeutic experience, we bring therapy that is beneficial for muscle relaxation. The intensive Reitenberger massage relieves stiffness and gradually relaxes your entire body, muscle by muscle.

This unique massage combines elements and treatments of a classic massage with a vibrating massage with the Cellutec Therapy device. This intensive combined massage is followed by a wrap. The whole treatment is supported by quality massage cosmetics by the Czech brand REHAVIT. Treat yourself to a luxurious therapeutic experience that will be adapted to all your wishes and needs. Choose a massage balm based on your heat or cold preference and let yourself be pampered for a full eighty minutes. The intensive Reitenberger massage will give you blissful relief like no other



Releases everything you want to let go of

In addition to the body, the Thai massage also touches your heart and soul on a deep level. It can cleanse and harmonise the body. Clients usually come to the massage bearing a number of personal blocks, problems and fears – some of which leave them during the massage. Everything you allow yourself to let go of or allow to flow away slowly leaves your body after this massage.

The classical Thai massage uses massage and exercise techniques, so it is a more physically demanding treatment. If you are in good shape, it is a great choice for you. If you are not sure whether a massage is suitable for you, consult with one of our doctors or medical staff.


The queen of massage calms the soul

The Hot stone massage will transfer a large amount of energy to your body in the form of heat. Strong energy radiation releases excessive tension in the skin, soft tissues of the body and muscles. The heat of lava stones removes physical and energy blockages, so we recommend this massage to clients experiencing general stiffness of the musculoskeletal system. It will also help clients with backaches and headaches as well as various muscle aches. It can eliminate fatigue and relax your body systems overloaded with frequent stress.

Lava stones are placed on the so-called meridians, which are the paths through which energy flows in our body. They are located on the feet, legs, back, neck, but also on the fingertips or neck. Due to health problems or poor lifestyle, the meridians tend to be partially or completely blocked. Blocking causes fatigue, depression, irritability, and susceptibility to disease. Lava stones can significantly clear energy pathways.


Relaxes stiff muscles and the mind

The most popular and sought-after treatment will help you relax, get rid of everyday worries, and tune in to a truly therapeutic stay. The Classic massage increases blood flow to the tissues, supports digestion and stimulates your metabolism, which aids in the excretion of waste products from the body. This treatment can relieve pain caused by unhealthy work habits or increased physical activity. In addition, muscles regenerate faster after the massage.

At Reitenberger Spa Medical, we offer two traditional forms of massage: a full massage including the back, lower and upper limbs, or a partial massage (back or hip dysplasia).


Skin regeneration and detoxification

This beneficial Chocolate massage provides wholesome effects especially to your skin – it can smooth, soften, and beautify it. It also works against cellulite. It can very gently relax strained muscles and induce overall rest. The Chocolate massage washes away toxic substances from the body and relaxes stiff muscles.

You may not have known this, but the Chocolate massage also puts you in a good mood. You will feel as satisfied after it as after eating a square of tasty chocolate.


Removes swelling and reduces cellulite

The lymphatic system acts as a wastewater treatment plant. Lymphocytes and macrophages kill potentially harmful cells and substances in the body and return the purified fluid to the blood. Malfunction of the lymphatic system is manifested by swelling of the legs and other parts of the body, chronic fatigue, or headaches. The lymphatic system becomes clogged and gradually ceases to function as effectively as it could.

Lymphatic massage will significantly help to completely cleanse the body, eliminate swelling and reduce cellulite. Thanks to the correctly executed technique of kneading muscles, the masseur can energise the lymph throughout the body and significantly relieve you of your problems. Tactile sensations are performed with less pressure and with less frequency during this type of massage. You can choose between a full and partial (hip dysplasia or upper limbs) option.


Helps with restless legs syndrome and insomnia

Are you always feeling tired after longer periods of standing up? Do you suffer from leg pain? Or do you have frequent problems with the musculoskeletal system? A reflexology foot massage could be a suitable solution for you. It can relieve a number of problems – it will help with musculoskeletal pain and restless legs syndrome.

This acupressure massage can affect the functions of internal organs thanks to energy pathways, so it will help you with a number of problems that are not at all related to the soles of the feet. We also recommend it to clients suffering from insomnia.


Ayurveda is the ancient Indian teaching of the body and soul. It unveils natural paths to health and vitality that have fascinated people around the world since time immemorial. Treat yourself to special Ayurvedic treatments and be pampered by Sri Lankan and Philippines therapists. Massages and baths will transform into an extraordinary experience of exotic scents of rare oils. The offer of Ayurvedic treatments in the Reitenberger resort is designed to bring you relief from specific ailments as well as relaxation and unwinding. You should not miss out on this experience.


Full body massage including therapy of dripping warm oil on the forehead

Royal Ayurvedic Shirodhara Therapy is renowned as the most relaxing Ayurvedic treatment. The warm oil, running down the forehead in the place of the so-called “third eye” and gently spilling to the top of the head, leaves you with a deeply relaxing effects. This therapy also includes a head and neck massage. Shirodhara is used not only as a relaxation therapy to calm the mind, but it also works for many problems associated with the head, eyes, ears. For instance in cases of insomnia, excessive stress, visual disturbances, etc. The oil used is beneficial to the hair and scalp, the herbal extracts provide the hair with vitamins, shine and strength. We recommend leaving the oil on the hair for as long as possible so as to increase its potent effect.

Ideally, leave it on and only wash it out the next day.

– Note: we also use rose water, massage oil + shirodhara oil


Full body oil massage in combination with herbal warm sachets

The combination of Ayurvedic full body massage and heated herbal sachets significantly hydrates the body, warms and relieves painful areas. The sachets are filled with a mixture of special herbs, rice and other ingredients. For individual care, we recommend repeating this therapy regularly at least 2-3 times a week for several months.


Basic Ayurvedic full body massage

Basic Ayurvedic full body massage. Uses an oil that gives the skin the necessary vitamins, elasticity, softness, as well as a beautiful scent. Massage has a significant effect on the lymphatic system, when targeted massage techniques lead to blood circulation in the body, relaxation of stiff muscles, tendons and joints, improve the activity of the circulatory system. Regular massage treatments flush harmful toxins out from the body, improving the function of the immune system. It is also recommended as a relaxing massage, relieving tension, stress, suitable for various sleep disorders. You can try the intensity of this massage with the help of our Sri Lankan therapists.

The body is completely relaxed, harmonised and the maximum effect of this therapy is therefore achieved. We recommend repeating the massage at least twice a month, if you experience urgent problems such as those relating to the musculoskeletal system, we recommend getting this massage several times a week.

– note: we also use herbal oil / balm to relieve pain and stiff muscles


Strongly relaxing full-body oil massage performed by two therapists simultaneously.

Abhyanga four-hand massage is a traditional Indian technique where two therapists perform harmonious movements and apply pressure on the entire body. This massage method combines gentle touches, massage oils, and synchronized movements that help release tension and restore energy. Abhyanga four-hand massage provides deep relaxation, promotes blood and lymph circulation, harmonizes the body and mind, and helps achieve an overall sense of well-being. It is also recommended for sleep disorders.


Unique massage experience for two

Abhyanga couples massage is a unique experience that allows two individuals to share pleasant and relaxing moments of massage simultaneously. The massage takes place on two beds in one room, with two therapists, while soothing music plays in the background. Massage oils and synchronized movements are combined to create a harmonious flow of energy and release tension in the muscles. Abhyanga couples massage helps alleviate stress and tension. During this massage, you can together experience a calming environment, improve blood circulation, detoxify the body, and achieve an overall sense of harmony and bliss.


Manual whole body massage with cinnamon oil with emphasis on the flow of the lymphatic system

Ayurvedic full body massage, performed with oil and Ceylon cinnamon bark extract. Cinnamon extracts penetrate deep into the skin during the massage, contribute to the flow of the lymphatic system and therefore help to flush out the toxins deposited in the body faster. In addition, Ceylon cinnamon has an antiseptic effect, which can help, among other things, with skin diseases, as well as with boosting immunity. The oil leaves the skin pleasantly scented and supple; we do not recommend washing the oil from the skin immediately after the massage, so that the active ingredients be gradually absorbed into the skin. This massage is also suitable for the treatment of cellulite, also known as orange-peel skin.


Facial massage and face mask

60 min : A relaxing facial massage in combination with an Ayurvedic face mask gives the skin elasticity and softness and combats ageing. The mask deeply cleanses the skin, gives it hydration, vitamins and a fresh look.

– note: we also use rose water, and floral skin oil


Ayurvedic foot massage (full leg)

An Ayurvedic foot massage, which has a positive effect on the activity of the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Suitable for feet that often feel tired, regenerates strained muscles, impaired vascular patency, helps flush out toxins from the body, promotes proper blood circulation and activity of internal organs.

Note: we also use pain relieving oil


Head and neck massage with respiratory tract therapy

The traditional Ayurvedic treatment targeted at the nasal mucosa with herbal oil in combination with a relaxing head and neck massage is a perfect supplement in preventing or curing respiratory diseases. Herbal oil perfuses the nasal mucosa, cleanses the accumulated toxins and viruses in the nasal cavity and prevents their recurrence.


Relaxing and pampering Ayurvedic bath with rose extract. The aromatherapy bath, with a delicate, floral scent.


Soothing therapeutic bath also suitable for sensitive skin

Traditional Ayurvedic herbal bath to care for sensitive and problematic skin, helps prevent skin diseases, soothes eczema, provides the skin with vitamins and minerals, has an anti-inflammatory effect.


Relaxing and harmonising baths are a paradise for your feet and body. Depending on your individual needs, you can focus on relieving joint pain, relieving fatigue, general relaxation, promoting metabolism and blood circulation, or relaxing muscles and joints. In addition to a pleasant and relaxing effect, baths are used to detoxify the body, because they can wash away all of your daily stress and tension.
Foot bath
Aroma bath
Peat bath


Relaxation and improved blood circulation in the legs

The healing Foot bath has a an immensely beneficial effect on the muscles and joints of the lower limbs. We recommend it to clients who have long suffered from swelling of the lower limbs and chronic joint problems. A Foot bath will also help with lower limb muscle pain.

The whirlpool bath works as a kind of water massage that relaxes muscles and joints. It also has a positive effect on your metabolism and blood flow to the limbs.


Using bubbles to ward off stress

The Carbonated bubble bath promotes relaxation and strengthens the body’s defences. You will have a pleasant rest, release mental tension, and support your health. Bubbles in the water activate nerve endings, massage, and hydrate the skin. During this bath, the metabolism is stimulated, and unwanted and harmful substances are excreted from the body. More oxygen reaches the tissues, as do many vital nutrients.

We recommend this bath for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, joint and spine pain, circulatory disorders, and chronic fatigue. It also helps clients with vascular diseases, high blood pressure and neurotic disorders.


For improved blood circulation and muscles and joint relief

A natural Peat bath is recommended to relieve tension and stress. It relieves musculoskeletal disorders and supports the regeneration of skin cells. During this treatment, warm water and organic substances contained in peat provide you with beneficial effects, including improved blood circulation and support to the metabolism. Peat baths help with degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Peat baths have also proved successful for problems with dry and sensitive skin. The Peat bath will be very pleasant for clients with atopic eczema or psoriasis.


Relax with the scent of your choice

Do you know what one remembers the longest? It is not faces or words, but smells. They can take us back to our childhood days, soothe our energy or, on the contrary, stimulate all our senses. With the Aroma bath at Reitenberger Spa Medical, you choose the essence that corresponds to your current mood.

During this pleasant bath treatment, you will relax all your muscles and joints and the essential aroma will help bring your stress levels down.


The most traditional of spa treatments

The oldest treatment in the history of the spa helps to dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to body tissues. During a Carbonic bath, the amount of oxygen in the blood increases and the circulation in the skin, muscles, and internal organs, including the brain, is promoted. The second effect of this treatment is a reduction in blood pressure and heart rate. The Carbonic bath is used mainly in the treatment of ischemic and cardiovascular diseases. It is also frequently used as part of a post-treatment regimen for conditions following myocardial infarction. It also aids in the treatment of degenerative conditions of the musculoskeletal system.

It is a widespread misconception that the water in the special stainless-steel tub used for this treatment is cold. You definitely don’t have to worry about this – the water is heated to a pleasant 35 degrees Celsius just before the application of carbon dioxide.


For runners, tourists, and active athletes

If you often work up a sweat in the gym, swimming pool or the outdoors, a Salt bath with magnesium is the right choice for you. It is the all-round favourite of active athletes, relaxing their body and providing them with the greatest benefits.

The optimal composition of minerals in live magnesium salt helps cells improve their metabolism. The bath contributes to overall regeneration and has a disinfecting effect. In addition, magnesium helps with seizures.


Heat therapies have a long tradition in Czech spas and are among the most sought-after treatments for musculoskeletal problems. At Reitenberger Spa Medical, we work with organic materials that have gradually been transformed to their current form over the course of thousands of years – namely peat and paraffin. These true gifts of nature are valuable healing resources for our clients.
Marsh peat wrap
Peat wrap


Supports the joint and the muscular system

During this very pleasant spa treatment, we place clean peat directly on the client’s skin. Our Marsh peat wrap will relieve problems with the musculoskeletal system immediately during the treatment itself. The mud contained within it warms up pleasantly, improving blood circulation, relieving pain, providing a positive effect on the joints and the muscular system.

Organic material from decomposed plants has been being made for thousands of years and its healing effects are proven and certified.


Improves blood circulation to the tissues and detoxifies the body

We recommend peat wraps for rheumatic diseases, muscle, joint and spine pain, musculoskeletal problems, and nervous disorders. The treatment relieves pain, improves skin and subcutaneous tonus, effectively preparing the body for physiotherapy and massage.

The great advantage of ancient organic materials is their excellent ability to maintain a constant temperature for long periods of time. It is transferred from the peat to the tissues and gradually increases their blood circulation. At the same time, it releases medicinal minerals into them, for which peat is much acclaimed.


Relieves tension in muscles and jointsh

Paraffin wraps help with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, degenerative joint diseases, Bechterew’s disease, tennis elbow and many neurological diseases. Paraffin can absorb and retain a large amount of heat. The therapist heats it to a temperature of about 55 degrees Celsius, at which point it changes state to liquid. It is then applied to the client’s body and left to treat the area.

The wrap warms and hydrates the tissues, thereby accelerating cell metabolism. At the site of application, it relieves tension in muscles and joints.


Improves blood circulation to the skin

Warm topical compresses help to gently warm tissues at the application site, improve blood circulation and support regeneration processes in the skin and subcutaneous tissue. This popular variant of thermotherapy relieves chronic rheumatic diseases, osteoarthritis and muscle and joint pain.

Lavatherm also helps with inflammation and migraines as well as supporting faster recovery during colds. We also recommend it for diseases of the spine and for back pain.

Inhalation and CO2 therapy

During traditional Inhalation therapies, we use the local “Forest Spring” mineral water. We also apply oxygen therapy, which increases the concentration of oxygen in the blood and speeds up blood circulation.
Oxygen therapy
Inhalation therapy


Restores cells and helps them regenerate

During oxygen therapy, the client inhales oxygen in a higher concentration than is found in the air. Thanks to this, blood circulation is accelerated, and a larger amount of oxygen enters the tissues. The therapy contributes to the accelerated growth and regeneration of cells, which improves wound healing and slows down the aging process. Oxygen therapy strengthens the immune system, increases fitness levels, and accelerates regeneration.

We recommend this therapy as treatment for a general weakening of the bodily system after surgical procedures or chronic diseases. It is used at the end of cancer treatments and in the stimulation of the nervous system. It improves cell nutrition, stabilises metabolic processes and helps with chronic diseases of the respiratory system. It also has a beneficial effect on chronic skin diseases and helps with depressive diseases.


Deep airway relaxation

Inhalation therapies improve the function of the mucous membranes of the airways, have an anti-inflammatory effect, liquefy mucus, and facilitate coughing. For inhalations at Reitenberger Spa Medical, we use “Forest Spring” mineral water, which can be supplement with medicines for severe shortness of breath or natural salts for upper respiratory catarrh. We also add herbal decoctions to the mineral water.

During Inhalation therapy, active and medicinal substances penetrate deep into the airways, relaxing and healing them.


Relieves tension and improves blood circulation

Baths have an irreplaceable place in spa care. A dry gas bath has a beneficial fatigue-fighting effect, effectively soothing and washing away all stress and tension. It also affects cellulite and promotes weight loss. It can relieve joint pain, improve blood circulation, and has a significant effect on the musculoskeletal system. During a dry gas bath, you will also support the metabolism and relax your muscles.

The therapy takes place in a special plastic case with CO2, in which your whole body’s blood flow will increase, the capillaries will expand, and you will be able to draw new energy from this basic spa procedure.