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We have prepared some practical information about our four rehabilitation stays. They will answer most of your questions before you even have a chance to ask.

Entrance examination

you will first undergo an entrance examination by a doctor or a physiotherapist. They will establish a rehabilitation plan for you.

Personalized treatment program

based on the examination, we will design a treatment program for you. You can consult anything with your doctor during the treatment.

Assessment of the achieved goals for long-term stays

at the end of your stay, we will evaluate the program's effectiveness and recommend a further course of action.

When to start rehabilitation

It is ideal to start rehabilitation after surgery when the client is in a stable state of health and the doctor recommends starting the subsequent rehabilitation treatment.


Length of rehabilitation

The length of the rehabilitation stay is individual. It depends on the health condition of the client and the speed of rehabilitation. Before an orthopedic surgery, we recommend a diagnostical-therapeutic program to strengthen and prepare your body for surgery. We will practice the post-surgery regimen, focusing on strengthening the muscular components and improving overall fitness. Thanks to this, you will recover faster after surgery and return to your everyday life.


Accompaniment to rehabilitation stay

Family members are welcomed companions for any stay with us. A husband, wife, parents or children are essential for a successful, effective and quick recovery. Your loved ones are certain to choose from a wide range of rest and relaxation stays or treatments.

All stays are self-paid. All you have to do is call us, write us an e-mail or fill in the order form. Our doctors will assess your health condition and create your personalized rehabilitation plan. You do not need a referral to be admitted for treatment, but it is helpful to provide a medical report at the entrance consultation with our doctor.