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We have put together some useful information about our four rehabilitation stay options. Most of your questions should be answered before you even ask.

Entry medical exam

You first undergo an initial consultation by a doctor or physiotherapist. They will decide on a rehabilitation plan for you.

Individual treatment programmes

Based on the medical exam, we will put together a treatment programme for you. While there, you can consult anything you wish with your doctor.

Evaluation of achieved goals, applicable to long-term stays

At the end of your stay, we will evaluate its effectiveness and make further recommendations.

When to begin rehabilitation

Rehabilitation should ideally start right after the client’s surgery, when they are in a stabilised health condition, and their physician recommends they begin a rehabilitation treatment.


Length of rehabilitation

The length of the rehabilitation stay is individual. It depends on the client’s health and the speed of rehabilitation. Before orthopaedic surgery, we recommend undergoing a so-called diagnostic-therapeutic stay, which will strengthen your body for surgery. We will work with you and train you to get you into good shape prior to your surgery, we aim to strengthen the muscle component and improve your overall health condition. Thanks to this, you will regenerate faster after your operation and return to normal life more quickly.


Accompaniment to the rehabilitation stay

Family members are welcomed companions for any stay. Your husband, wife, parents or children are an important element for successful, effective and quick recovery. Your loved ones will be able to choose from a wide selection of rest and relaxation stays or treatments.

All the stays are paid for by the clients (private payers). You only need to call us, send us an email, or complete our order form. Our doctors will evaluate your health condition and put together an individual rehabilitation plan just for you. You do not need any letter of recommendation from your physician for admission to treatments, it is good to submit a medical report from your doctor during the initial consultation with our doctor.