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Increase the intensity and efficiency of your spa stay

 For all those who want to make the most of their spa stay in our resort, we have prepared specifically targeted treatment and rehabilitation packages. They will support your healing and provide pain relief. You can order treatment packages during your stay at the reception or by phone or e-mail in advance.

Active package

  • 2 × individual physiotherapy (45 min.)
  • 3 × group exercises in the pool
  • 2 × group exercises in the gym

 The package full of exercise and physiotherapy is intended for active athletes of any age and any condition. Together with a physiotherapist, we will focus on your most common problems – the specialist will advise you on which exercises to do and what not to overload. You will try out everything with them during your individual physiotherapy. During the group exercise in the pool and gym, you will strengthen your physical condition.

4 nights are optimal for using the package.

Price: 140 EUR

Outpatient rehabilitation package

  • Initial examination by a rehabilitation doctor,
  • consultation with a physiotherapist,
  • 4 × physiotherapist visit (4 × 50 min.) – individual physiotherapy, manual techniques, thermotherapy, physical therapy…

The individual rehabilitation package is intended for clients who want to consult about a specific problem and focus intensively on its solution. You start with an examination by a rehabilitation doctor and a consultation with a physiotherapist – based on their recommendations, you will jointly choose suitable techniques and methods that will help you alleviate or eliminate the problem. Depending on the type of problems, these are individual physiotherapies or various manual, physical or thermotherapies.

5 nights are optimal for this package.

Price: 160 EUR

Relieving package for arthritic pain in small joints

  • 5 × paraffin wrap
  • 5 × ultrasound in a water bath
  • 2 × relaxing hand massage

Our clients often suffer from beginning or more advanced forms of osteoarthritis of small joints on the hands and associated pain. We can help them very effectively thanks to a combination of three essential treatments. The basis of relief therapy is paraffin wraps – application of paraffin leads to local blood circulation, improved metabolism and flushing out unwanted metabolites. It has analgesic effects, improves tissue trophics and relaxes joint and ligament stiffness. The traditional aid for osteoarthritis is ultrasound in a water bath, along with a relaxing hand massage included in this package.

5 nights are optimal for this package.

Price: 135 EUR

Rehabilitation package for arthritic pain in load-bearing joints

  • 5 × magnetotherapy
  • 5 × peat knee wrap
  • 5 × gas injections

At Reitenberger Medical Spa, we specialise alleviating in musculoskeletal pain, with which we can effectively help our clients through a series of physiotherapeutic exercises and traditional treatments. For the rehabilitation of load-bearing joints during the onset of osteoarthritis, we have prepared a package with peat wraps for the knees, gas injections and magnetotherapy. You will undergo intensive daily therapy within five days, which will significantly strengthen your physical abilities.

5 nights are optimal for this package.

Price: 340 EUR

Spa package

  • Classic partial massage
  • Oxygen therapy + dry gas bath
  • Paraffin wrap – hands
  • Peat wrap

Enjoy the best of your spa stay, be pampered and healed. Thanks to the Spa Package, you can relax with a classic massage and restore the strength of your body with a peat and paraffin wrap. Oxygen therapy, which increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, benefits the respiratory tract and the whole body. Thanks to this, you can expect a lot of relaxation and calming of the body after the treatment, it can rid you of fatigue and improve your mental health. The package also includes a traditional spa treatment – a dry gas bath.

3 nights are optimal for using the package.

Price: 80 EUR

Rehabilitiation package

  • Group exercise
  • Exercise in pool
  • Individual physiotherapy (20 min)
  • Individual physiotherapy (45 min)
  • Reflexology back massage

We have prepared a rehabilitation package for everyone who knows that the basis of health is proper movement. As part of this package for those interested in active stretching and strengthening, group exercises and exercises in the pool await you. You will relax during a reflexology back massage and we will help you manage individual problems with mobility or pain through customised physiotherapies. Together with an experienced physiotherapist, you will focus on the problems that are bothering you, we will show you how to exercises correctly to alleviate them.

3 nights are optimal for using the package.

Price: 115 EUR

Wellness package

  • Full body aroma massage
  • Oxygen therapy + dry gas bath
  • Paraffin wrap – hands
  • Carbonated bubble bath
  • Peat bath

Relaxing. Releasing. Pampering. Such is the wellness package featuring the most popular spa treatments. It will relax your body and calm your mind. It features an aroma full body massage, a pleasant carbonated bubble bath and a beneficial peat bath. Stressed hands are relieved by a paraffin wrap, which very effectively relaxes the joints. During oxygen therapy, you will strengthen your immunity and gain deeper mental harmony. Greater blood circulation to the tissues and their healing will then be intensified by a dry gas bath.

3 nights are optimal for using the package.

Price: 110 EUR