Rehabilitace, Fyzioterapie, Ubytování Mariánské Lázně, Centrum rehabilitační a lázeňské péče Reitenberger
Rehabilitace, fyzioterapie, Centrum lázeňské a rehabilitační péče Reitenberger, Mariánské Lázně

Medical stays     

We provide comprehensive-intensive rehabilitations,  which, combined with spa care, achieve more effective and quicker treatment

Our expert team of rehabilitation physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, masseurs, and other medical professionals designs your individual treatment / rehabilitation plan based on more than 60 procedures and your specific needs. Rehabilitations take place in our large spa centre featuring modern rehabilitation and medical equipment and various facilities ideal for these purposes.

Our clients select from multiple programs, which usually last one to three weeks or longer, if necessary.

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Rehabilitation schedule  

1.    At the beginning of your stay, you will undergo initial examinations by our physician and physiotherapist, who will jointly design your rehabilitation plan,
2.    After that, your individual treatment program will be designed, so it suits you as best as possible,
3.    You will undergo your treatment program during which you may always consult your physician,
4.    At the end of your stay, a follow-up treatment will be recommended to you, and your achieved goals will be evaluated.

Inpatient Spa and Rehabilitation Care

We provide rehabilitation facilities and accommodation to clients with mobility difficulties. We primarily focus on prevention, painful musculoskeletal system conditions, conditions after hip or knee surgeries, and other orthopaedic surgeries. 

Rehabilitation ideally starts after the client’s surgery when they are in a stabilised health condition, and their physician recommends starting a rehabilitation treatment.

All the stays are paid for by the clients. You only need to call us, send us an email, or complete our order form. Our physicians will evaluate your health condition and prepare your individual rehabilitation plan. You do not need any recommendation to receive your treatment, though it is advisable to submit a medical report during your initial consultation with our physician.

The length of stay is up to each individual, depending on every client's health condition and the speed of achieving one’s set rehabilitation goal. Before your orthopaedic surgery takes place, we recommend undergoing „pre-surgery preparation". This program prepares your body for the surgery. We will practise the regimen after the surgery, focusing on strengthening certain muscular components and improving your condition. All these activities lead to a quicker postoperative regeneration and a smoother return to your normal life and work.

We provide hotel-type accommodation in the quiet environment of Mariánské Lázně, a few metres away from the spa colonnade. As a result, your treatment stay almost feels like a spa vacation. We offer accommodation in single and double rooms in two categories - Standard and Superior, including a small number of luxuriously furnished suites. All the rooms feature a work desk with minibar, coffee table, LCD satellite TV, Wi-Fi internet access, and a room safe. Every room features a standard bathroom with toilet, hair dryer, bathrobe or terry bath towel, and bath towel. A room with balcony is available for an extra charge.

We always gladly welcome your companions (husband, wife, parents, children) who may be important elements for your successful, effective, and quick recovery. We also have spa packages for them as well, which will help them relax, gain new energy, and discover the beauties of Mariánské Lázně and their surroundings.

Treatment Stay Ordering  

We recommend contacting our centre by phone (+420 734 181 111) or via e-mail ( Our expert staff will design the most effective rehabilitation approach based on your needs and our mutual agreement. More info...


Telefon: +420 734 181 111

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