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Spa Springs

Cross Spring

Cross Spring is one of the oldest and longest-used springs in town. It is located in the town centre, next to the colonnade. It is highly mineral and, due to the presence of sulphates, has a laxative effect. Its contents of solids and especially salts is very high.

Rudolph Spring

There are a few Rudolph Springs. Rudolph I and II are only used for bathing, and the original Rudolph Spring is still widely used for drinking treatments. The Rudolph Spring produces naturally sharp-tasting water. It features a characteristically high calcium content, and therefore its consumption is particularly suitable for supplementary osteoporosis treatment. It has anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects. It is most used in the treatment of kidney and urinary tract diseases.

Karolina Spring

Karolina Spring has a relatively high magnesium content and is therefore used in treating urological diseases and kidney stones. The spring is located in Skalník's Gardens near Reitenberg Street.

Forest Spring

Forest Spring’s composition differs considerably from the other springs. It slightly alkalises the stomach contents and is therefore suitable for treating various digestive tract diseases. It is also used for gargling, washing, and inhalation during upper respiratory tract diseases. This spring is often flavoured with lemon juice or diluted with whey.

Ambrose Springs

Ambrose Springs produce slightly mineralised sharp-tasting waters containing carbon dioxide and high amounts of iron. These springs consist of three seep locations. Due to its high iron content, it is used in some forms of anaemia treatments, and its diuretic effects are used to treat kidney diseases.

Ferdinand Spring

Ferdinand Spring is the oldest registered mineral spring in the territory of Mariánské Lázně. The spring consists of seven seep locations, but only Ferdinand I is used for drinking treatments. It is especially suitable for the treatment of digestive tract and metabolism treatments.

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