Spa and Rehabilitation Care Centre

Welcome to the site of our non-state medical institution specialising in comprehensive, intensive rehabilitation combined with inpatient spa care. This approach makes it possible to achieve quicker and more effective results for the treatment of musculoskeletal system issues. We are located only a few metres away from the main spa colonnade in an Art Nouveau building from the 19th century, which used to be the seat of the original founder of Mariánské Lázně Abbot Kašpara Prokopa Reitenberger. More info...

Inpatient Spa and Rehabilitation Care   

Our standard medical programs last one to three weeks, and individualised ones may last even longer. Our clients may be accommodated in our purposefully furnished single rooms or, if staying with a companion, in double rooms or one of five luxury suites..

As a provider of treatment services, Reitenberger is a partner of the Institute of Preventive Rehabilitation in Prague (IPREA). Thanks to our cooperation with this institution, extraordinary and unique procedures are included in our rehabilitation and regeneration sessions. During these sessions, we apply the REHAVIT rehabilitation cosmetics, which are developed in part by Reitenberger itself.
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Lůžková lázeňská a rehabilitační péče, Centrum lázeňské a rehabilitační péče Reitenberger, Mariánské Lázně

Individual approach   

Based on the client’s health condition, our physicians prepare an individual treatment / rehabilitation program consisting of more than 60 available treatment procedures. The rehabilitation treatments and spa care are provided by our expert team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, masseurs, and other medical personnel supervised by our physicians. More info...

Rehabilitation and Medical Facilities     

The Reitenberger Centre offers modern rehabilitation and medical equipment. Its rehabilitation and physiotherapy facilities are designed for both so-called dry and wet processes and allow for both individual and group treatments. Our facilities include a swimming pool, a whirlpool, 4 kinds of saunas, a Kneipp walking pool, a salt cave , a fitness centre, special hydrotherapy baths, foot and salt baths, and facilities designed for massages, therapies, and other procedures. More info...

Treatment Stay Ordering  

We recommend contacting our centre by phone (734 181 111) or via e-mail ( Our expert staff will design the most effective rehabilitation approach based on your needs and our mutual agreement. More info...


Telefon: +420 734 181 111

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